In a very far away land, in the enchanted reign of Amtork, people were living in peace and harmony under the leadership of King Leiber. Everything was going fine, but there was a feud between two mighty wizards for a long time in the reign. The first one, Lord Kama, was a loyal friend of the king and helped him in all important decisions. The second one, Sir Dohron, was a wizard with an evil soul and was very tired about this feeling of love and happiness. He was living in the shadow, conspiring and planning something to get the control of the reign bringing suffering and slavery everywhere. To succeed in it he was searching for a very ancient and powerful magic item, hidden many years before by the Amtork’s ancestors to give back peace and civil rights to everyone. It was a GOLDEN PENTACLE with an incredible outstanding power. Anybody who will get in touch with it will become almost invincible. While Sir. Dohron was searching for the pentacle he accidentally stumbled upon a magic potion while staying at an inn. This potion was able to generate a spell to enslave people, and so Dohron was able to take over the throne without any opposition. In the meantime, Lord Kama had noticed the imminent danger by looking through his crystal ball, and had managed to warn King Leiber in time and to escape with him on his unicorn. So, they started to search for the golden pentacle, but after days of exhausting research they decided to definitively renounce both the pentacle and their kingdom. But at night, King Leiber saw something glistening under a large rock, he approached and the golden pentacle was there in all its splendor. At this point Kama and Leiber decided to come back to Amtork. When they arrived at the castle, they found all the people reduced to slavery, in a dark atmosphere of total unhappiness, under the injustices of the men of Dohron. Lord Kama unleashed the power of the golden pentacle against their enemies to break the spell and imprison Dohron in the dungeons of the castle. But he decided not to kill him, and Dohron pointed out the big mistake he was making. Meanwhile, life in Amtork returned to normal. But for how long?


Sir. Dohron, still chained in the dungeons of Amtork Castle, manages to attract the attention of one of the guards and hypnotizes her by performing a black sorcery. After hypnotizing the guard, Dohron orders him to go find the cursed 5-pointed crown, which belonged to Queen Adélia, and bring it to him before freeing him. The crown was hidden somewhere in the castle’s dungeons. The guard obeys and after finding the crown he frees him and gives it to him, so Dohron manages to escape with the crown of unknown powers and return to his village. Dohron’s men celebrate his return and after a few days they all gather in the square to plan a new attack on Amtork. Dohron and the other wizards try to evoke the demon with the cry that infects souls, that will become a legend in the years to come.
Dohron and his men set off towards Amtork to launch the attack on the castle. Meanwhile at Amtork Castle there is great anxiety. The king, having declared the level of maximum alert, gathers everyone in the main hall to explain the next steps. Lord Kama, riding his Unicorn, will fly in search of help from the old witch Sybilia, who in the meantime had been ordered to hide the golden pentacle again, due to its uncontrollable power that risked ruining the peace in the kingdom. While Lord Kama and his unicorn are resting on the journey, a large white dragon appears preceded by his shadow. Immediately Lord Kama realizes that he had been sent by the witch Sybilia, who through her crystal ball had seen that Lord Kama and King Leiber were in danger. The white dragon has the particularity of not breathing fire but icy air that can instantly freezing everything. So, the dragon invites Lord Kama to get on his back, and together they set off in the direction of Dohron’s army at the speed of light.
Meanwhile at Amtork Castle, King Leiber is taken by despair for fear of not being able to defend his people in the event of an imminent attack, and even if he tries not to lose confidence, he feels as if he were a shadow of himself.
Dohron’s army continues its advance towards Amtork, meanwhile an old book appears next to the cursed crown. It was the Book of Evil, where inside there were magical formulas and a series of evil spells, but the most important thing is that the book also contained a chapter on the cursed crown, from which Dohron learned that each of the 5 points was able to increase the skills of the wearer. Dohron obviously wasted no time in acquiring even more nastiness, and aware of being almost invincible he resumes the march on Amtork. Dohron and his men have arrived in Amtork and are preparing to besiege the castle and then launch the final attack. The situation is really convenient to say the least, but the bad guys don’t know that Lord Kama is not at the castle but is coming with the big White Dragon to play on equal terms. Dohron launches the final attack and taking advantage of the power acquired by the crown seems to get an easy win. But Lord Kama comes to spoil the party with the great White Dragon. At first Dohron manages to create a sort of shield to prevent the dragon from transforming him and his men into huge icicles, but in the end after a long and grueling battle he will have to retreat trying to save his own skin and that of men of him. Peace in Amtork is safe again amid the celebrations of the people at the castle …. but for how long?.